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I always dreamt of being an Artist and a Photographer. I followed my heart and took Fine Art and Photography as my passion. After completing Bachelor and Master Degree in Fine Art, I started off my career as Asst. Art Director with ETV in 2004. Since then, 16 years have passed away and  it has been a very steady and interesting journey towards accomplishment of my dreams. Though my dream is far from being accomplished as I consider it just a start.

I joined Call toons in 2005 as project team leader in e-learning projects under the Education Ministry, Govt. of India. This was the starting of my stint with Animation. Later on I worked with some of the best brands like Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematic, Frameboxx Animation and Visual Effects Pvt. Ltd, Picasso Animation College, Reliance Big Aims, and Delhi School of Art. At present, I am enjoying Designing Art Education Syllabus and taking Creative Workshops on various topics in different Colleges, Schools and Institutes, all over India.

I am passionate for Photography and Paintings. So while following my passion, I take up shoots for various brands and people. I have been doing Product Shoots, Portfolio Shoots, Event Shoots and so on but being an artist at core of my heart, I love doing Nature and Street Photography.

Personally, I love to paint and create interesting installations of any given material. I just want to try something new and something different all the time. To be very honest, I want to do much more than what I am doing now as time is a big constraint. Sometimes I wish I had more hands, each one equally efficient enough to execute my never ending ideas.

I am an Art Educator too, and have been actively imparting Art Education to different age groups of students for many years. One trend that upsets me is the bias which Art subject and Art Students have to suffer due to preconceived notions on mostly which our formal education system runs.  

Intelligent student, as per our school system is a student scoring good in Maths, Science, English, Social Studies and so on. Does scoring good scores by mugging up content is the only criteria of being Intelligent? I find this weird. 

In our Schools the whole concept of Art as a subject to be allocated to all those so called - not so bright students, has to go. An unintelligent brain can never think out of the box, can never be creative, can never have the courage or the ability to conceptualize a concept and create something amazing by his / her own efforts. It makes me wonder from where this whole notion has come which we have been witnessing throughout our childhood. I was a 'bright' student all throughout and finished my schooling through science stream. I took Art in Graduation by choice as I had the capacity to visualize and create and wanted formal training for the purpose.

In some cases, students given Art as the main subject in schools are not even interested in it and are not ready to make their career in this field. Still art is forced upon them and quite obviously they don't score well here as well. Let the students choose their subjects without bias. A student wanting to study science should study science, commerce aspirant should study commerce and art enthusiast should study art without bothering for grades. 

I dream of the day when Art Education, is taken on the same and equal platform parallel to other subjects in our formal Education System. 




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